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Why become an Open-Prod integrator?

90% of your client initial budget

A wide trading area

An close-knit network

 A community-based support

Qualified leads

Access to the source code of Open-Prod

first laptop schedule interventions for After sale services
second laptop the ease of use of the management software open prod

Infinite number of potential clients



From the standard version to a totally personalized one, Open-Prod is an open-source ERP which can be adapted to the management specificities of your clients. Its current technological structure allows a step by step integration and is easily adaptable to future organizational changes.
The service you provide will therefore continue to be in great demand.

An open partnership



You and your clients possess the recipe of the software. It ensures transparency and independence in relation to the editor.
We develop our
software with a view to continuous improvement based on user feedback and suggestions.

An innovative economic model



Open source technology allows you to offer customers software without a licence or user fee. Your remuneration is based on the added-value of your services as an expert manager in industry.

Support and assistance



We assist you with your prospects and clients for the 1st salesf with demonstrations and provide advice until you are completely independent.

Distribution of activities

software integration, ERP



Distribution of income

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