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Open-Prod relies more than 200 modules to download according to your needs.

Production management is at the heart of Open-Prod ERP. It provides tools for production scheduling, production tracking and all stages of manufacturing.

The ERP Open-Prod allows users to create personalized dashboards and to monitor them daily via a favorites page.

The technical data is the basis upon which the system relies to schedule production.

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Production scheduling is based upon the availability of ressources (human or machine).

The ERP Open-Prod contains a simulation tool based on the MRP system (Materials Resources Planning).

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It is possible to track in real time the machines occupancy rate thanks to an Overall Equipement Effectiveness (OEE) tool.

The OEE tool allows to know the availabilities (humans and machines) in the workshop.

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Open-Prod allows the creation of personal dashboards to track essential metrics specific to each role.

Open-Prod is an open source, adaptable and flexible ERP dedicated to manufacturing management. It is today the most advanced open source ERP for the industry sector. Open-Prod is integrated into numeros different sector as Aeronautics, car manufacturing, electronics, plastics, watchmaking…

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The management software has been created to respond to the need of Small and medium industrial companies. The ERP integrates numerous features as production scheduling, stock management, production tracking, purchasing, sales… as well as an advanced functionnality for bills of manufacturing and operating ranges management.

Open-Prod ERP leans on recent, reliable and evolving technologies which adapt themselves to the requirements of the various domains of industry. Its interface full house-Web and its modular structure allow him to evolve quickly in your company.


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