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« Choose a flexible ERP which evolves with your company»

The ERP Open-Prod is an open source, adaptable and flexible software management dedicated to the industry. The ERP uses the latest reliable and evolving technologies to adapt to the requirements of various domains of industrial production. Its full web-based and modular structure allows it to evolve quickly with your company.

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Open-Prod relies more than 200 modules to download according to your needs.

Production management is at the heart of Open-Prod ERP. It provides tools for production scheduling, production tracking and all stages of manufacturing.

The ERP Open-Prod allows users to create personalized dashboards and to monitor them daily via a favorites page.

The technical data is the basis upon which the system relies to schedule production.

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Production scheduling is based upon the availability of ressources (human or machine).

The ERP Open-Prod contains a simulation tool based on the MRP system (Materials Resources Planning).

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Open-Prod allows the creation of personal dashboards to track essential metrics specific to each role.

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The ERP makes it possible to define a multitude of product attributes.

Once defined, the characteristics of a produced or purchased product are duplicated and disseminated to all the production flows of the ERP.

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We work with the will to offer the most flexible, ergonomic and adaptable ERP dedicated to industry while ensuring the greatest ease of use.

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15 Feb 2018

Our Year 2018…

Nous sommes fières de vous présenter notre nouveau site!
Il arrive à point pour le début de cette nouvelle année, que nous vous souhaitons riche en réussites professionnelles et nouvelles perspectives.
Pour nous, 2018 promet d’être une année bien remplie avec de nombreux recrutements prévus et l’expansion de notre réseau de partenaires.
Nous vous souhaitons une bonne visite sur notre site.
A bientôt!

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